Launch of the Food Allergy Information Centre

The impact of adverse reactions to food - dairy products and gluten being two major issues – is increasingly in the public spotlight.  Now The Graham Agency has created a central reference point with advice on where to learn more on the subject, tips on how to spot what are often almost “hidden” ingredients, especially in processed and pre-prepared foods, plus some gluten and dairy-free recipes.

A new area of our website contains links to medical sites with relevant information about learning the essential difference between food intolerance and food allergies.

Are you looking for a fantastic housekeeping job?

Right now we have lots of clients who are currently seeking staff for housekeeping roles, whether as a housekeeper or a housekeeping couple.  The jobs are live-in, many requiring the staff to be able to drive and be willing to travel.  We have vacancies are across London, South East England / Home Counties and Europe.

If you're looking for a domestic staff job paying up to £500 per week net for a housekeeper, or £1,000 per week net for a couple, please contact us today.

Please call or email Karen or Diana - our details are at the top of the page - we would be delighted to talk with you.

The FREE Essential Guide to Employing Domestic Staff

The Essential Guide to Employing Domestic Staff, a free guide from The Graham Agency, is now available on our website.  It makes crucial reading for the millions of households that employ or are thinking of employing domestic staff.

Essential Guide to Employing Domestic Staff


Download your free copy of the The Essential Guide to Employing Domestic Staff (pdf).


There are some two million domestic workers in the UK according to 2013 statistics from The Work Foundation.  Housekeepers, nannies, carers and other domestic workers to literally millions of families are becoming essential helpers to cope with today’s busy life-styles.  But for many people employing someone is a new and potentially fraught experience. Our new guide - the first of its kind - walks you through the employment maze in clear, easy to understand, terms.

The Graham Agency

The Graham Agency supplies domestic staff in London, the Home Counties and farther afield.  Established in 1984, with offices in Mayfair and Highgate, our extensive client list has grown to include politicians, writers, television and media personalities as well as professionals in the City, law and elsewhere.  Most of our clients are professional women who need the support offered by The Graham Agency to achieve the maximum out of all aspects of their lives.

"Well, one person tells another and then they mention us to someone else and so our reputation blossoms", says Diana Graham, principal of The Graham Agency, explaining the success of the domestic recruitment agency.

Green door photoFrom the beginning, our ethos has been to supply first-class, trustworthy and reliable domestic staff to fine homes in London and the South East.  All enquiries for staff are dealt with in a discreet and professional manner to satisfy your individual needs.

Giving your staff a little consideration

How caring do you have to be in respect of your domestic staff?

The easy answer is “not at all”, but, while this may be essentially true, the truth isn’t always what it seems.

The right to request flexible working

If your housekeeper, chauffeur or any member of domestic staff wishes to work flexible hours, how do you react?  Or, more to the point, how should you react?

Until now, the answer has been clear:  unless that staff member was a carer or looked after children, a nanny, for example, you didn’t have to seriously consider their request.  But now you do.

Communicating in English is an essential skill

It would seem to be obvious, wouldn’t it?

As part of the new Care Certificate for support workers in health and social care being introduced by the UK government, staff must be able to speak English!

What is surprising is that this has not always been mandatory.  Recent figures show that 20% of care workers are immigrants; commonsense says that 100% of them should be able to speak English.

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