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The Graham Agency is the pre-eminent domestic recruitment agency which professional working men and women select for high calibre housekeepers, often with ancillary duties; cooks, nannies or carers, to assist in the running of their household.

With personal service, attention to the particular needs of clients, strict vetting and assessment of candidates as their ethos, increasingly professionals from all walks of life trust The Graham Agency to find the right candidate for their life-style.

Established in 1984, with offices in Mayfair and Highgate, London,  The Graham Agency supplies a range of domestic staff to clients primarily located in London and the Home Counties.

We hold high principles dear to our hearts and never forget that both clients and candidates have a choice and that, if we let them down, they will use that choice.  We aspire to be better at what we do and we always deliver.

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Handling unauthorised absence

What happens when one of your domestic staff fails to turn up for work?  Do you have a policy in place to cope with the situation in an organised and legal way?

Unauthorised absences from work can be highly disruptive, particularly if you do not have another staff member to step in to fill the gap.  However, having said that, most unplanned absences are often due to reasons of family or sickness.

Working over the Christmas holidays

With Christmas holidays approaching, how will you approaching the requests for time off from your domestic staff whilst also ensuring that your housekeeping needs are covered?  Can you ask your staff to work over the holidays, including Christmas Day and Boxing Day?

There is actually no statutory right for staff to receive time off for public holidays, providing overall they receive their legal minimum holiday entitlement per year of 5.6 x the number of days in their working week.  For someone working 5 days per week, that's 5.6 x 5, i.e. 28 days per year.

What's the answer for a busy, working mother?

If you are a busy working mother at some point you may ask yourself:  "Why am I doing this?  So much of my earnings are going on childcare."

It’s a fair question and, looking at some of the statistics, it’s not hard to see why it comes to mind.

The Family and Childcare Trust recently produced some figures which show that, over the five years from 2010 to 2015, the cost of a part-time nursery place for a child under two years of age has increased by 32.8 %.  They claim that a family paying for this type of care now spends £1,533 per year more than they did in 2010.

Do you maintain an inventory of valuable possessions?

When someone comes to live in your home, as a housekeeper, nanny or carer, one takes all the usual precautions of having the agency vet the applicant.  But would it occur to you that your lifestyle and standard of living may be far removed from that which is familiar to your new domestic staff member?  Might this prove to be a catalyst in taking the step of breaching your trust and stealing from you?

10 questions asked by candidates seeking a domestic staff job

A recent survey by London-based domestic staff recruitment agency, The Graham Agency, has produced 10 questions that are asked by candidates seeking a job.  They are vital to avoid the possibility of confusion and disappointment after you have started work.

The top 10 questions are:

1.    Will my tax and insurance be paid?

2.    What hours will I work?

3.    When will my days off be?

4.    What are the arrangements for public and paid holidays?

The FREE Essential Guide to Employing Domestic Staff

The Essential Guide to Employing Domestic Staff, a free guide from The Graham Agency, is now available on our website.  It makes crucial reading for the millions of households that employ or are thinking of employing domestic staff.


Essential Guide to Employing Domestic StaffDownload your free copy of the The Essential Guide to Employing Domestic Staff (pdf).


There are some two million domestic workers in the UK according to 2013 statistics from The Work Foundation.  Housekeepers, nannies, carers and other domestic workers to literally millions of families are becoming essential helpers to cope with today’s busy life-styles.  But for many people employing someone is a new and potentially fraught experience. Our new guide - the first of its kind - walks you through the employment maze in clear, easy to understand, terms.

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