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Confused about public holiday entitlement?

Working out written holiday pay agreements is a vital part of a contract of employment, and employers of domestic staff should be aware of their obligations and the rights of their staff.

So, what are the rules?

Essentially, almost all workers are entitled to holidays equal to 5.6 times their normal working week.  So, someone working five days a week is entitled to 5.6 x 5, i.e 28 days’ holiday, and this can include the usual eight statutory bank holidays in the UK.

Staff who work fewer days per week are entitled to fewer days’ holiday, calculated by applying the same formula.

There is no statutory right to bank or public holidays, so the additional bank holiday does not increase any entitlement to holiday under the Working Time Regulations.  Whether or not an employee will benefit from the additional bank holiday will depend on the wording of their contract (according to Acas).

You can count any days off for public or bank holidays towards a worker’s statutory holiday entitlement – but only as long as you pay them for those days off.

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