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Employment tribunal changes in the pipeline

It appears it may be less attractive in the future for employees to seek redress in employment tribunal and subsequent appeals if legislation being proposed by the Government goes ahead.

At the moment, costs for going to tribunal and appeal are borne by the taxpayer and this cost hit the £84.2 million mark in the financial year 2010-11.

Nobody wants justified claimants to tribunal claims and appellants at appeals to be thwarted from their rightful assistance, but the two key words are “rightful” and “just.”  The new legislation, if passed, will put the cost onto appellants and there are two options being considered for tribunal hearings and at present, one for appeals procedures.

One option for tribunal hearings is for a fee for the issue of a claim and then a further fee for the hearing.

The second option would involve just one fee, the level dependant on the nature and value of the claim, with a threshold claim being set at £30,000  and a higher fee above that. Should a claimant fail to pay, then their claim would effectively be limited to £30,000 should they win.

For tribunals, the proposal is for a £400 issue fee and a hearing fee of £1,250.

The consultation for these changes ended on 6 March 2012.

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