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My Domestic/Household Staff Turn Up For Work Even When They Are Ill – That’s Great Isn’t It?

When staff consistently turn up for work even when they are obviously
unwell, their “loyalty” to you and the job may well be misplaced and
It has become so prevalent in some areas of work that it now has a term,
The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development now say the phenomenon has tripled since 2010. The figures were revealed in CIPD’s annual survey which they publish in conjunction with insurer, Simplyhealth.
Far from being a healthy approach to work, CIPD says the situation may
well lead to an increase in long term sick leave.
Stress concerned with employee’s work, concerns about job security
may well be contributory factor in the decision to push on regardless
says The Graham Agency. Far better to raise the issue with your
employee and discuss why the feel they have to work on regardless and
to give time off for sickness why the need is genuine. says the agency.
At the end of the day, there are always two sides to an obligation, from
the employee and from the employer.
The Graham Agency, keeping you informed.

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