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New faces, more stress hits care home sector

It is often emotionally difficult for all concerned when an aged relative
enters a care home, and one of the hopes is that they can make
connections and friends with staff caring for them.
But a study has thrown cold water on this hope, revealing that nearly
half of care workers leave their job within a year. With this staff turnover
of 48% within a year, many residents face a continuing flow of new
The high turnover rate of staff is not limited to care workers. The study
by the Communities and Local Government (LGC) Committee also
found that the it has reached 36% per year for nurses working in social
A major factor in care worker turnover would seem to be that half of care
workers are on zero hour contracts, compared with three per cent of the
national work force, while the median hourly pay rates for care workers
are the legal minimums.
The situation reinforces why, increasingly, families are seeking an
alternative that of care at home. There are huge benefits: the comfort
of remaining in one’s own home, retaining friendships and contacts in
the area and importantly, continuity of staff.
Of course the financial aspect is a factor, but parents maybe able to
fund the cost out of their own resources, from either: savings, income,
pensions or life insurance payment.
There are options available from specialised insurance companies which
can offer either a care provision plan for a one-off payment providing a
monthly income. There are now many schemes for releasing
part of the capital value of a home while they are continuing
to live in it.
Whichever the option chosen, the aim of being able to stay in their own
home while having the security of live in support can become a reality.
At The Graham Agency we have been meeting the needs of clients
requiring a full range of domestic and household staff, including
carers, for over 30 years.
Before electing to choose a residential home, speak to us.
The Graham Agency, keeping you informed.

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