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As the future of sheltered housing in the UK lurches into further turmoil, more and more people are looking at the option of employing a domestic help/carer and staying in the security of their own home.

The most recent figures show that across the UK, thousands of planned new sheltered accommodation units have been delayed or scrapped due to cuts in housing benefits.

According to the national Housing Federation, close to 2,500 units have axed or put on hold as sheltered housing providers face up to losing an average of £68 per week per tenant.

In this atmosphere of uncertainty, staying in your own home offers many advantages, and overcomes many of the disadvantages of moving into a care accommodation

Moving out of your own home, away from friends and neighbours, away from the area you know, into a residential home often seems to be the answer to the care an elderly relative needs.

But many find that even among others in the same position, they are lonely.

So what is the answer?

Well, it’s not available to everyone; we accept that, as the ability to fund care does become an issue, but when this is not problematic, the option of employing a carer and staying in your own home, can become the perfect solution.

Such a carer can be full-time, full-time residential, or on a daily visit basis, the real issue is finding just the right person.

That is where we come in. At The Graham Agency we have close to 30 years experience of recruiting a complete range of domestic, household and caring staff.

We pride ourselves on taking the utmost care to ensure that the chosen candidate not only has the necessary skills and experience, but the right personality.

When you, or an elderly relative have to consider care options, talk to us first.


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