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They are free, factual and potentially very helpful if you employ domestic or household staff….Webinars.

What on earth are Webinars? A very good question and it is quite possible you have never heard of them, but if you are an employer of staff, including domestic and household, it may pay you to find out!

Essentially, they are a series of web-based seminars focusing on the type of issues which any employer may encounter – and best all they are completely free, factual and up-to-date.

In fact, you will be getting the information straight “from the horse’s mouth”, to coin a phrase, as they are provided by the appropriate departments of the UK government.

Over recent years they have covered a wide range of subjects, and the service is also linked to an email alert service, informing you when the next Webinar is due, as well as alerting you to other potentially useful information.

All you have to do is register, complete some information requests and you are then in the system.

Where do you find out? Just click this link and it will take you straight there:

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