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Think once, then think again………..

In a recent court case in which a company was fined some £36,000 for unsafe working practices, it was revealed that no risk assessment had been carried out prior to the work being undertaken……so does this affect you as an employer of domestic or household staff?

Well it does in that if you ask a member of your domestic staff to undertake a task for which they have not been trained and or do not have any prior experience, it behoves you to consider any risks involved.

For if the employee is injured in any way, or injures another person while carrying out the task which you have asked them to do, you as their employer can be held responsible and lay yourself open to a compensation claim.

So, before asking any staff member to carry out any task which would be considered outside of the normal remit for which they were first employed, think once and then think again. It will be cheaper than a claim!

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