17,000 Care Home Residents Must Wait And See…..

17,000 Care Home Residents Must Wait And See…..

As one of Britain’s largest care home groups  goes into administration, residents are awaiting the outcome.

Four Seasons provides care accommodation for 17,000 residents and patients and employs some 20,000 staff.

At the beginning of May, two of the holding companies behind Four Seasons appointed administrators as a result of finance issues.

Although the position of residents may well not change, it once again focusses on one of the larger issues that worries  both residents and their families, that of continuity.

Having moved into a care home, the last thing a resident needs is to worry about where they will be in the future.

There is an option however which removes this worry, and that is care within the person’s own home home with the services of a full time carer.

And that is where we come in, with decades of experience of putting the right people together to ensure that elderly parents and relatives spend either all their days, or as long as possible, within the comfort of their own home, with reassurance and confidence in a carer who is dedicated to their needs.

Regrettably it is not, we admit, available to everyone, but the point is you don’t know until you investigate.

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