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20,000 May Have Slipped Through Police Checks To Work With Children And Vulnerable Adults.

When your new domestic worker, nanny, or carer has been cleared by police checks to work with children, it is fair to assume that all is well.

Now a leaked document has revealed London’s Metropolitan police cleared up to 20,000 people without going through full security checks after Scotland Yard secretly relaxed its vetting system.

This will undoubtedly raise concerns in the minds of many employers who had assumed that their relatives and children would be in safe, checked hands.

Senior Metropolitan police officers decided in the last six months of 2016 to temporarily stop vetting members of the public against intelligence databases after being criticised for delays in their approval of people to work with children.

Checks on intelligence databases were cut and the police relied solely on the police national computer, which records only cautions, criminal convictions, warnings and reprimands.

The disclosure and barring service (DBS), which costs up to £60 per application, did not inform its customers of the change.


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