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When employees become ill

A domestic staff member, housekeeper, carer, nanny, etc. can very quickly become someone  who is heavily relied on (nobody really being indispensable, although we often use that term). When they are off sick, we generally manage or muddle through in the anticipation that they will not be away from work for too long a period. …
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Flexible working maze

The perils of flexible working requests can prove a difficult maze to negotiate; there are lessons to be learnt. As employers and prospective employers of domestic and household staff you may well be asked by an employee if they can work flexible hours. On the face of it, you can say Yes or No and …
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The Bank Holiday Issue

  Whenever a bank holiday, as Public holidays are termed, falls on a weekend, a “substitute” weekday becomes the bank holiday, normally the following Monday. But as an employer, do you have to allow your staff these days off? There is actually no statutory right for employees to take bank holidays off work. Any right to …
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