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Repayment of Tribunal Fees

The Government’s scheme for individuals  to apply for tribunal fees refunds has been rolled out to all applicants, after a successful opening phase of the scheme Following the Supreme court in July 2017 that the employment tribunal fees regime is unlawful, the Government immediately ceased requiring employment tribunal claimants to pay a fee. The Ministry …
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2018/19 Bank Holiday Dates And Your Legal Obligations

To remind you of important dates coming up. Firstly, this year’s remaining Bank holidays for England and Wales as well as those for 2019 and some notes on how you can react as an employer. 2018 England and Wales Summer Bank Holiday         Monday 27 August Christmas Day                       Tuesday 25 December Boxing Day                            Wednesday 26 December Scotland Summer …
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The Way Out!

New research shows how difficult it is in the UK for many to break out of poorly paid jobs, in direct contrast to the situation of domestic staff who pass through our doors. The Social Mobility Commission has said that low pay is “endemic” in the UK, with women more likely to get stuck on …
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