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How Much Should I Be Paying?

While it is true that payments to staff for aspects such as Maternity Leave and Sick Pay are generally left to your relevant professionals to administer, it is still useful to know yourself, particularly if an employee raises a query. There have been changes to both Maternity Leave and Sick pay recently. The following new …
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An Employee Is Leaving

Once the worker starts with a new employer they can ask to see a copy of a reference. They have no right to ask their previous employer. The employee may be able to challenge a reference they think is unfair or misleading if they consider they’ve been given an unfair or misleading reference, they may …
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The Cost Of Losing Goes Up

We have reported recently, the massive rise in cases being taken to Employment Tribunal fees were ruled unlawful. Claims up 90%, Multiple employment tribunal claims up by 467% and now, for employers, the cost of losing an appeal has shot up. From 6th April this year, the maximum compensation award for an unfair dismissal has …
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