A Better Way To Spend The Money

A Better Way To Spend The Money

A new report by Age UK shows that two out of five ・ 41% of residents in independent care homes are self-funding, i.e. paying all their own costs ・ at much higher levels than state-funded residents. There is, however, a far better use of your ageing parents’ money!

The report shows the percentage of aged people in independent care homes has rocketed by over 28% in the last decade. The state-funded system is declining while the country’s ageing population continues to grow.

Age UK has discovered that on top of the main costs there are also other hidden charges and issues, including:

  • Unexpected cost increases, sometimes on a quarterly basis
  • Charges for extras・ including, in one instance, the provision of an entertainer.
  • Long notice periods with associated charges for that period, if a resident doesn’t like the home and moves out.
  • Being told to leave if the family are deemed complainers・
  • As Age UK point out in their report, Behind the headlines: stuck in the middle ・ self funders in care homes’ committing to the decision to enter a care home is an emotionally stressful time when the fine print of a contract may not be scrutinised in detail.But there is an alternative to spending money this way.

    Given that the person is already going to fund their care, why not have that care delivered in their own home?

    Here at The Graham Agency, we have some 30 years’ experience of providing domestic staff, including carers, so that relatives can stay in the comfort and security of their own home while being supported by caring individuals.

    These carers, may be live-in or part-time, full-time or on a scheduled call basis. Essentially the type of care is tailored to each individual person’s needs.

    Staying in one’s own home has many emotional and social advantages. Firstly, the person stays in the security of their own home. All too often we read of care home closures with residents having to move to yet another home, losing newly-made friends in the process. The emotional upset can be huge.

    Additionally, staying in one’s own home means the person retains their existing network of friends and relatives in the geographical area with which they are familiar. All these things add to peace of mind.

    So, before taking the obvious route of selecting an independent residential care home, explore the alternative of being cared for in the security of one’s own home.

    Talk to us first, we will find the right carer for your circumstances.