A little concern may reduce mental health problems

A little concern may reduce mental health problems

According to a recent report, over 40% of organisations have seen an increase in reported mental health problems over the last year.  The main causes, according to the CIPD Absence and Management survey produced in partnership with Simplyhealth, are anxiety and depression.

“In 2009, only 24% of organisations reported seeing an increase in mental health problems during that year; 2015 is now the sixth consecutive year that levels have been over 40%, showing the problem isn’t going away.  Reported increases are most likely in large and medium-sized organisations, with 69% and 51% respectively showing rises.  They’re also associated with long working hours and the extent to which operational demands take precedence over employee wellbeing,” states the report.

We recognise that these figures are drawn from commercial organisations and not from domestic situations, but, nevertheless, the figures are worrying.

It does not take a leap of imagination to consider that, for example, a housekeeper who may have left their own home to take up her position as an employee in some else’s home, may well have anxieties and concerns about a family elsewhere.

In our busy lives it doesn’t take a moment to ask, now and again, if everything is ok, or if your employee, particularly if they are live-in, has anything they need to discuss or about which they are concerned.  A little concern and a few moments of chatting can go a long way.