Addressing the pay gap

Addressing the pay gap

The government is calling on all employers to reduce the pay gap between men and women.  Now, while the thrust of this is towards larger organisations, employers of domestic and household staff, can also ‘do their bit’ to ensure such inequalities do not exist within their own sphere.

Why? Essentially because it’s the right thing to do and if every employer thought this way, it would help create a climate where such equality becomes the norm.

The average pay gap between men and women has remained static over the last year at 19.2%, which is what has prompted ministers to call on employers to implement change.

The latest figures show the pay gap is the  highest in the South East at 22% and lowest in London at 16.3%.

Minister for Women and Equalities, Nicky Morgan, has recently said: ‘These figures confirm the need for us to drive forward change’.