Another benefit from a caring career

Another benefit from a caring career

There have always been a number of avenues into a caring career and a number of reasons for choosing it in the first place.  Now it seems there is yet another reason and it is down to the government.

There will be new rules governing the need to look for work within the structure of the new Universal Credit system to be phased in from October 2013.

It would appear that up to a million low paid workers could be denied further state support if they fail to take a second job or increase their hours and thereby take themselves out of the support system.

However the Department of Work and Pensions has said that carers would fall outside of the net.

So, if someone chooses a part-time caring job, it appears they won’t have to seek further employment and if they want to tick along, that’s ok.

But what does it mean to YOU as an employer?

If you are told, by a part-time carer working for you:  “I am sorry but you will need to pay me more, the Government says so.” You can point them in the direction of the Department of Work and Pensions who can tell them that is not the case.