Are You Feeling Sad?

Are You Feeling Sad?

You may have noticed that the winter months take a heavy toll on your mood and well-being. Well, there’s a reason why.

It’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, and it can cause the winter blues between October and March.

If it affects you, rest assured you are not alone. Around 20% of people in the UK suffer from winter blues each year. The result can  leads to reduced energy, irritability and low mood. According to the Royal Society of Psychiatrists, SAD leads to significant depression in about 3% of the population. Does this ring bells?

From 25th November, the sun will rise after 7:30am and set before 4pm. That gives us  around eight hours of daylight.

.So how can you keep your energy levels high?

One very simple way is to ensure that you retain as much natural light in the home as possible.

Keep blinds and curtains open. You could consider asking for  flexible working hours where this is possible. Taking  a walk outside if the weather is acceptable helps absorbing  natural light. Finally, special lamps are available which simulate daylight.

They are only small alterations, but may just help keep you   keep the winter blues away.

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