Are your staff in the UK illegally?

Are your staff in the UK illegally?

No one we know would knowingly employ an illegal immigrant as a member of their domestic staff, as a carer, housekeeper or nanny, would they?

But what about someone who came over as a student, on a specific visa, and just stayed on?  Or someone who came to the UK to visit relatives, met someone you know, struck up a rapport and you offered them a job? They’re not illegal immigrants are they?  They just overstayed their invitation…

No, you’re wrong.  They are illegals and the government is seeking to impose even harsher penalties than currently exist for knowingly employing an illegal immigrant.

You may not even be aware that the present fine is a maximum of £10,000.  Yes, that’s right.  And now Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is calling for that to be doubled.

He wants to increase the cash penalties for “unscrupulous” employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants because they are cheaper.

Additionally, under new proposals, foreigners visiting Britain from certain countries will have to put up “security bonds” costing thousands of pounds to deter them from overstaying their visas, to be repaid when they leave the UK.  This is similar to the Australian-style deposits for visitors from “high risk” countries.

Although a list of such countries has not yet been drawn up by the Home Office, it is expected to include Pakistan, other countries in the Indian sub-continent and some in the Middle East.  The move could run into controversy if the list does not include “white Commonwealth” nations.

Mr. Clegg, who chairs the Cabinet’s Home Affairs Committee, has asked the Home Office to run a trial “security bonds” scheme by the end of this year.  The bonds would cost at least £1,000, rising to as much as several thousand pounds for visitors from the countries deemed to pose the highest risk.

As we have said on several occasions, there are inherent risks in finding domestic staff yourself and not being able to undertake the necessary checks to ensure you are within the law.  The better way is to use a reputable domestic staff agency which has the skills and experience to undertake this for you.  Contact The Graham Agency:  you know it makes sense.