As Fears For Care Home Crisis Rise, What Are The Options?

As Fears For Care Home Crisis Rise, What Are The Options?

Almost 190,000 more people aged 65 years or older will require care by 2035 to cope with the rise in demand, a paper in the journal The Lancet predicts .

Health professionals are urging the government to urgently act to overcome the problems of a lack of care homes and increasing financial pressures on existing homes. One survey says that already one in every six care homes are already at risk of closure.

As life expectancy has risen, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of elderly who are “highly dependent” on care.

Faced with this uncertainty, what other options do families have for providing care for elderly relatives? For even good care home have emotional disadvantages for those concerned.

Moving out of your own home, away from friends and neighbours, away from the area you know, into a residential home may well not only cause extreme disruption but can also lead to loneliness?

Here at The Graham Agency, we have been helping families find a solution. Admittedly it is not open to all; we accept that, as the ability to fund care can be an issue. But when this is not problematic, the option of employing a carer and staying in your own home can become the perfect solution.

Such a carer can be full-time, full-time residential, or on a daily visit basis.

That is where we come in. At The Graham Agency we have close to 30 years’ experience of recruiting a complete range of domestic, household and caring staff.

We pride ourselves on taking the utmost care to ensure that the chosen candidate not only has the necessary skills and experience, but the right personality.

When you, or an elderly relative have to consider care options, talk to us first.