Be Aware Of Pay Trends

Be Aware Of Pay Trends

If you are considering annual pay increases for your domestic and household staff it is important to be aware of pay trends before entering into negotiations.


A recent survey * showed that rather than raising salary levels, almost a fifth of employers have already cut back existing pay levels since he start of the Covid 19 pandemic.


Almost a third of other employers say they are prepared to make cuts.


Now it’s not a yardstick that works for every situation but it does show that the conventional annual increase is not a given in the current circumstances.


Total average pay fell 1.8 per cent between the three months to April and the three months to July when adjusted for inflation, according to the Office for National Statistics.



Another trend identified by surveys in the recruitment sector was the hiring of new staff on inferior rates to the people they replace.


* Chartered Management Institute (CMI) in an exclusive survey for The Times.


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