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Brexit ~ Pre-settled or Settled Status, Ensure You Know The Difference And How To Progress

If you are a EU citizen working in the domestic or household  and have  already been granted Pre-settled status it is vital you understand the differences and the future actions you need to take.

If you have been in the country for less than five years or/and have not proved definitively that that you have been here for the full five years, you will be or have been, granted Pre-settled status.

However, it is important to recognise that Pre-settled status provides less security in terms of citizens’ rights than Settled status.

If you are now – or will be in Pre-settled status,  once you have accrued five years of residency and have maintained continuous residence in the UK then you will be eligible to apply for Settled status. However, you must apply again ~ this time for permanent Settled status.

It is vital that you remember that you must apply for Settled status as the progression is not automatic.

If you are applying for a domestic position through The Graham Agency we can help you throughthe process required to obtain Pre-settled or Settled status.

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