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Brexit ~ Pre-settled Or Settled Status, Ensure Your Concerned Staff Know The Difference.

If any of your domestic and household staff who are EU citizens and have already been granted Pre-settled status it is vital they understand  the differences and the future actions they need to take.

Those who have been in the country for less than five years or have not proved definitively that they have been here for the full five years are being, or will have been, granted Pre-settled status.

However, Pre-settled status provides less security for citizens’ rights than settled status.

Anyone who can demonstrate they have been in the country for five years is eligible for Settled status, which echoes the rights they have currently have.

When the person has accrued five years’ of residency and has maintained continuous residence in the UK they are then eligible to apply for Settled status. However, they must apply again, this time for Permanent Settled status.

It may well be worthwhile discussing this with relevant staff  to ensure they are aware of the process. There have been instances of EU citizens in the application process, being wrongly categorised due to a  simple mistake.


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