Bring your domestic staff zero hours contracts up to date

Bring your domestic staff zero hours contracts up to date

There has been considerable controversy in recent times regarding the operation of so called Zero Hours Contracts which some employers use for their domestic and household staff.

Most contentious of the clauses has been the exclusivity clause but new regulations now in force since January 11th 2016, give staff greater protection and freedom.

If you employ staff on Zero Hours contracts, you may well need to revise the terms of the contracts you use to stay within the law.

The dismissal of a zero hour contract employee will now be considered automatically unfair if the main reason for dismissal is that they breached a clause in their employment agreement prohibiting them from working for another company.

There is no qualifying period needed for the employee to bring a claim.

The regulations also make it unlawful for employers to subject a worker to any detriment because they breached their contracts by working for another firm.

The provisions are contained in the Exclusivity Terms in Zero Hour Contracts (Redress) Regulations 2015.