Check Your Pay Slip Advice

Check Your Pay Slip Advice

Citizens Advice recently advised employees, including domestic and household staff, to check their wage slips over the Christmas period to ensure they were paid in full for any extra hours they may have worked over the time.

Although the festive period has gone, the issue remains one which can arise at any time, and, as an employee, you should always check your payslip to ensure it is accurate. If it is not, then you should raise the matter with your employer straight away.

This also raises the issue, however, of ensuring you understand what your contract of employment spells out in terms of what hours you have to work and how extra hours are reimbursed. This can be in terms of additional money, or time off, but whatever the situation, is it important that it is laid out in your contract and that you understand it.

If you are in any doubt, ask your employer to explain it to you. If you find that things are not as you had envisaged, then perhaps you need to take matters further.

The best route, as always, is to discuss the issue first and see how you get on.