Check Your Payslip After April 6th 2019

Check Your Payslip After April 6th 2019

Check your payslip after April 6th 2019

New rules come into force regarding payslips from April 6th which may affect you.

They are relevant if:

  1. a) The amount you are paid relates to the hours you work. This affects you even if you are on a fixed salary, but additionally work variable overtime hours and are paid for those overtime hours.

The new payslips must show the number of overtime hours worked. This can either be shown as a total of hours if they are all at the same rate, or as separate figures if your rates of pay vary according to the work carried out.

  1. b) The second major change is that payslips must be given to all workers not just those classified as employed, with a contract of employment. Don’t forget to check if these changes affect you. If they and you are not given such a payslip, take the issue to your employer or person for whom you are working, even if you are not classified as an “employee.” If the matter is not corrected, or you are ignored you can seek advice from Citizens Advice Bureau a solicitor.


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