Checking On Their Right To Work

Checking On Their Right To Work

During the pandemic employers, including those of domestic and household staff, have been allowed to check on a person’s right to work in the UK, virtually. This is about to change.

Up to now candidates and employees have been asked  to submit a scanned copy or photo of the original documentation via email and then, using video platforms, hold up the original document to check against the digital copy that has been sent.

Employers have also  been able to use the online Right to Work checking service while on a video call with an applicant for recruits that have biometric residence permits or biometric residence cards.

This month that will all change and from 17th of May, when employers will have to check applicants’ original Right to Work documents where possible  according to updated Home Office guidance.

Online checks will only be possible if employees have been provided a share code by the Home Office, which enables them to prove their immigration status.

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