Two Major Compensation Changes You Should Be Aware Of

Two Major Compensation Changes You Should Be Aware Of

There are some important changes to compensation awards that employment tribunals can apply recently.

The following two came into effect from April 6th this year (2019)

The bands of compensation that employment tribunals can award for injury to feelings in discrimination cases (known as Vento bands) have changed.

Part of the compensation that can be awarded by tribunals for unlawful discrimination are awards for ‘injury to feelings’. This is an award of damages aimed as a remedy for the hurt, humiliation and degradation suffered by the employee and is considered separately from any claim for financial loss such as loss of earnings. Tribunals have a discretion as to what to award but they will take into account these Vento bands.

The the most serious cases will attract compensation in the £26,300 to £44,000 “upper band”.  These figures were previously £25,700 to £42,900 Awards in what is termed the “middle band” of seriousness will attract compensation ranging between £8,800 and £26,300.

At the lower level of seriousness, awards will now range from £900 to £8,800. The previous level for this category was £800.

In a second major change, the  amount  that can be awarded by an employment  tribunal for an aggravated breach of a worker’s employment  rights will rise to £20,000.

The maximum figure was previously £5,000, which the government noted was lower than the penalty for non-payment of national minimum wage (£20,000).


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