Do you maintain an inventory of valuable possessions?

Do you maintain an inventory of valuable possessions?

When someone comes to live in your home, as a housekeeper, nanny or carer, one takes all the usual precautions of having the agency vet the applicant.  But would it occur to you that your lifestyle and standard of living may be far removed from that which is familiar to your new domestic staff member?  Might this prove to be a catalyst in taking the step of breaching your trust and stealing from you?

It’s a difficult matter.  Even contemplating the possibility is difficult and the very act of considering this can cause embarrassment and guilty feelings. But should you not think this through?

A recent Crown Court case ended in a two year jail sentence for a housekeeper who stole a valuable painting from her employer and attempted to sell it.

Most of us are not in the position of having a houseful of valuable paintings, but many of us do have possessions which we are used to having around and for which we may lose sight of the fact that they have some material value.

Would it not be a good idea before taking on anyone who is going to live in your house, or work in your house as a non-resident but regular employee, to create and maintain an inventory of all valuables in your home?  It’s a thought we don’t want to have, but perhaps we should.