Do YOU need domestic staff in YOUR home?

Do YOU need domestic staff in YOUR home?

“I’m not the type of person to employ a nanny or housekeeper; it’s for the very well off and really high flying professional, isn’t it?”

It’s an interesting question and an even more interesting answer because in the last ten years the amount of money spent on domestic help has quadrupled.  That answer begs another question:  is it a sign of an increasingly prosperous society?  If that was the simple answer, the bottom should have fallen out of the domestic staffing market in this period of a double-dip recession and a somewhat bleak financial future for the next ten years – but it hasn’t!

So what can be other contributory factors?

Yes, many of us are earning substantially more, but equally more of us have to work harder.  Get to the office earlier, leave later, take on a second job, work from home but find you’re locked away both looking for business and doing it with little time left for running the home, shopping, housework and looking after the children.

In truth, this is more likely to be the reason for the huge upturn in employment of domestic staff.  Putting it quite frankly, more and more of us are so busy working, we simply don’t have time to do the things our mothers used to do.

But, by the same token, this increase of newcomers hiring domestic help often does not have prior experience of the various tasks:  selecting the right staff, working with them, arranging aspects such as payroll, tax deductions, contracts of employment and establishing mutual working parameters that are necessary for the smooth functioning of the relationship.

How do you overcome all these factors so that they are not obstacles, merely aspects which need to be dealt with?

The answer is to use a domestic staff recruitment agency with lots and lots of experience and a good track record of making sure the appropriate person is picked for the appropriate job, and that in itself is no easy matter.

It’s the reason why so many people have turned to The Graham Agency with all their years of experience.

As Diana Graham, the agency’s principal says:  “The Graham Agency is and has been for 26 years consistently committed to providing the highest standards of personal service to clients and domestic staff candidates.”

“We pride ourselves on understanding the unique requirements of each client through personalised contact, discussion and appreciation of their individual circumstances.  We recognise the special relationship between clients and their domestic staff, matching not just individual skills and experience, but also acting as both catalyst and link to establish a rapport for mutual benefit.”

The Graham Agency – matching clients and prospective staff through personal service.  Says it all really!