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With the demands and long hours of domestic work, it is understandable that domestic couple jobs are popular options for many couples who work in the same industry. This combination of skills makes them a valuable addition to any household, which can allow them to run the home alone or as part of larger team.

For those looking for jobs for couples in the UK, working together in a private household can allow them to work long hours and still be able to see each other and spend time together. Domestic couple jobs will include self-contained accommodation on site, so couples are able to work and live together as they work for their clients.

A combination of skills for those looking for jobs for couples in London makes them more valuable – such as a housekeeper/cook/nanny with a chauffeur/handyman/gardener. The more skills they can bring to a household, the more valued they will be and sought after by private households.

    How To Find Jobs For Couples

    At The Graham Agency we have over 35 years of experience in pairing domestic workers with private households. In that time we have built a reputation as a leading agency for private domestic staff such as nannies, housekeepers, cooks, carers, house managers, butlers and chauffeurs to name just some of the roles we fill.

    For those looking for domestic couple jobs, we will review your skills and experience to see if you are suitable to be on our books and then if you are suitable for the households we are recruiting staff for, so they only see the most relevant candidates.

    We require our candidates to have at least two year’s experience in a like for like household and have shown commitment and loyalty to their previous roles. If you do not have a DBS, please let us know and The Graham Agency will be able to discuss this with successful candidates.

    For all roles we require an up to date CV, current passport, valid work permit and if you are an EU resident, permission to stay and work in the UK.

    Why Should I Consider Hiring a Domestic Couple?

    Domestic couples have long been valued for being able to provide a wide range of household services under a joint salary – often working on a long-term basis for one household with the flexibility to work long hours either running the home on their own or as part of a wider team.

    There are various combinations of domestic couples but usually the female will be required to run the household, provide childcare and family cooking while the male may take on the role of chauffeur, gardener, run errands and/or have silver service knowledge and/or butler skills. Couples who provide a wide range of services can make an efficient team to help with the running of your home.

    Domestic couples live on site in self-contained accommodation and can provide home security and house-sitting while you are away, but it is also important to remember they will likely want to take annual leave together.

    Call Us Now If You Are Hiring For Domestic Couple Jobs or Looking For Jobs For Couples in London

    Whether you are looking to hire a domestic couple or are looking for jobs for couples, get in touch with us at The Graham Agency.

    We aim to pair our clients and candidates perfectly and review all of our candidates through a strict vetting process and only put forward the most suitable candidates forward for interview. We aim to take the stress out of hiring domestic staff and the confidence of privacy and discreetness throughout the process and with the candidate you hire.

    Whatever the skills are that a domestic couple can provide, they can make a great team and valuable asset to any household. We have a wide range of combinations, so please do get in touch with us to discuss your needs and requirements and we’ll aim to provide you with candidates who fit this criteria.

    If you are looking for jobs for couples in the UK, please get in touch to discuss your skills, availability and expectations of the role and if you are a suitable candidate – we can begin putting you forward for roles in households across London and the home counties.

    I would like to thank you all for the care and attention you gave to ensure that our housekeeper was just right for us.

    My family back home has welcomed me and I am enjoying my new life with the family you found for me.

    Using The Graham Agency was a truly good decision, from first chat to welcoming the candidate you found for us was simplicity itself. Excellent matchmaking.

    I have been working for this family now for just over a year, and am able to enjoy life and save.

    The idea of finding a domestic staff member for the first time on our own was intimidating, so we would like to express our gratitude for taking away all the issues for us.

    I would just like to say a big Thank You for finding the perfect job for me.

    I would like to thank you all for the care and attention you gave to ensure that our housekeeper was just right for us.

    My family back home has welcomed me and I am enjoying my new life with the family you found for me.

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