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We recognise that our clients need to feel secure in the knowledge that their house is being run by people who are reliable, trustworthy and whom they get on with.

At all times, we aim to have a selection of staff available who have passed through our initial selection process. We supply housekeepers, daily helps, nannies, chauffeurs and cooks to households in London, the Home Counties and further afield.

These roles are described in detail here

Our candidates are of a high calibre, and all have impeccable references and a proven employment history. They are professional, committed, loyal employees who are looking for permanent or temporary work in select households.

We are able to provide staff who fulfil the following roles, either in a living-in or living-out capacity:

Housekeepers – Competence, loyalty and dedication – combined with a positive attitude – all of these attributes are essential in a good housekeeper. This type of employee is always in demand, particularly when combined with childcare and cooking skills.

Couples – Couples who work together cover a whole range of skills and expertise, from housekeeper/cook/nanny and chauffeur/handyman, to the more formal lady’s maid and butler/valet.

Nannies – Well-qualified and experienced nannies to live in or live out, particularly those with driving skills, are in high demand.

Chauffeurs – Our chauffeur candidates have an excellent knowledge of London and are flexible in respect of working hours, being available from early morning until late evening.

Butlers/valets – Our butler/valet candidates have experience in private households. Discretion is essential, as is the ability to organise other staff.

Housemen – Housemen take responsibility for a myriad of tasks, from pet-care to maintenance, cleaning and even light cooking.

Cooks/chefs – Well-experienced cooks and chefs, who cook from fresh ingredients and use their own flair and individuality, whether it be family meals or a large banquet or dinner party. Sometimes the role is combined with housekeeping or butlering.

Dailies – We can supply straightforward daily cleaners, with proven track records.
The list above is not exhaustive; we can also supply maternity nurses, household managers, etc. Do please call us if you have a particular role you want to fill and we will do our very best to help you.