Employing staff on a part-time basis

Employing staff on a part-time basis

Many families retain a member of domestic staff on a part-time basis, some for the reason that there is insufficient work for a full-timer, some to save money and some who feel they are not as legally committed to someone employed on this basis.

Whatever the reasons, there are several important points everyone should be aware of regarding the status of part-time staff against full-time staff.

There is no legal definition of either full-time or part-time staff and both have equal rights, for example, regarding: maternity, paternity and adoption leave (although payments depend on earnings levels) and holiday leave (adjusted pro-rata).  All employees have the same rights to in regard to grievance and disciplinary procedures.

Promotion and training opportunities should be available equally to all employees.  If part-time workers feel they are treated less favourably than full-timers, they can ask for the reasons in writing and a response has to be given within a specified time frame.

At the end of the day, every client chooses the employee and nature of their employment which suits them best, but everyone needs to be aware of employer obligations irrespective of the hours an employee works.