Employment Rights For Chelsea Housekeepers

Employment Rights For Chelsea Housekeepers

Your Responsibility As An Employer

If you are considering hiring private staff, it is important to be aware of your responsibilities as an employer. When you hire someone to work in your home, such as a housekeeper, nanny, cleaner or butler, you will be considered their employer – unless they are self-employed or paid via an agency.

Therefore, you need to ensure you meet the employee’s rights and deduct the right tax from their pay. This means things like providing them with an employment contract, payslips, ensuring they don’t work over 48 hours a week (unless they opt out of this) and that they are paid at least the national UK minimum wage.

When hiring housekeepers in Chelsea, you will need to offer them standard benefits such as statutory maternity leave, statutory sick pay, paid holiday, redundancy pay and a workplace pension. As an employer, you will need Employer’s Liability Insurance, register as an employer, set up or run payroll or pay someone else to look after this for you and deduct their income tax and National Insurance from their pay.

How Do I Find Out My Responsibilities?

We offer a wealth of information on our website, especially on our FAQs page. You’ll find this useful for some of our most commonly asked questions about being an employer. We can only offer general advice but have also provided links to useful resources.

The UK Government website also provides plenty of information and resources on employment law and advice for both employees and employers on their rights. This is also where you can register as an employer and check if someone has the right to work in the UK.

It is your responsibility to check if someone is eligible to work in the UK, claiming you did not know is not an acceptable legal defence and failing to carry out the proper checks could lead to an expensive fine or even a jail sentence.

What Should I Consider Before Advertising Housekeeper Jobs in Chelsea?

As well as standard employer responsibilities as mentioned above, when looking for Chelsea housekeepers, ensure you are clear about exactly what you expect their responsibilities to be and the hours you expect them to work. If you are looking for a live in housekeeper in Chelsea, you may have to consider this carefully and plan around their time off or annual leave. If you need them for additional hours on a certain days, you may need to provide this time in lieu or pay overtime.

When you come to The Graham Agency to begin your recruitment process for housekeepers in Chelsea, we’ll discuss with you the role, your expectations, hours, accommodation, rate of pay and any other requirements so we can provide an accurate and detailed job description to find the perfect person for the role to meet your needs.

We’ll advertise your role to our database of applicants and review applications on your behalf to create a shortlist of housekeepers to screen before providing you with the most suitable applicants for interview. We understand you time is important, which is why we work hard to streamline the process for you, so you only see suitable well-suited applicants.

If you would like to find out more about our services and how we can help your search for household staff, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements. We come highly recommended and offer the highest level of discretion.