Employment Tribunal Claims May Rise

Employment Tribunal Claims May Rise

Employment Tribunal Claims May Rise After Ruling

Employers of domestic and household staff need to be aware that disgruntled former employee’s can now lodge claims in employment tribunals without paying fees.

This follows after the Supreme Court ruled that the tribunal fees imposed in 2013 were illegal.

Now, free of such limitations, a raft of smaller claims which were previously deterred are now expected to materialise.

This are likely to include claims for the following:

Pregnancy and maternity discrimination with six times as many under 25 year olds reported being dismissed after informing employers that they are pregnant.

Employees with under two years service, such as  an employee dismissed during his or her probationary period.

Holiday pay; Following a recent Employment Appeal Tribunal ruling, there may well be more claims regarding holiday pay. The ruling confirms that voluntary overtime payments that are sufficiently regular constitute normal pay and should be included in holiday pay.

As always, if you find yourself potentially involved in any employment dispute, you are recommended to seek appropriate professional advice before taking any action.