Extra Protection For New and Expectant Mothers

Extra Protection For New and Expectant Mothers

It may be that one of your domestic/household staff is either a new or expectant mum, OR, that you yourself are in this situation and are working. Either way, watch this space as we will keep you informed of any extra legal protection, options for which are currently being examined by the Government.

The move follows recommendations last year by MPs on the Women and Equalities Committee.

The committee of MPs made 18 recommendations to stop unfair treatment by employers, with the key change of giving women greater legal protection now gaining government support.

Backing has also been given to the idea that employers should be required to carry out individual health assessments on expectant or new mothers.

The number of expectant and new mothers forced to leave their jobs had almost doubled to 54,000 since 2005, MPS heard

Research considered by MPs also showed that 11% of mothers felt they had been forced out of their jobs, mostly by bad treatment by their employers rather that through direct dismissal or redundancy.

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