Follow The Money

Follow The Money


When you’re looking for a new job, two of the most important questions are: what is the pay, and how does it compare with other jobs.

Well, to put you in the driving seat, we can tell you that the current rate of pay increases in the UK are 2.5% – and that’s better than it was. It has now held at this 2.5% figure for nine months.

If you don’t think that’s very much you are not alone, so we will tell you how much more our clients are paying new domestic staff this year than last.

The reason is that candidates who sign with us at The Graham Agency are the best…and we and our clients think they deserve the best.

Salaries paid to candidates we place in domestic household jobs are on average up 11% on the previous year. Yes 11%

So if you are a housekeeper looking to change jobs, come and talk to us. We know the best when we see it and ensure you get the best deal.


The Graham Agency, keeping you informed.