Giving your staff a little consideration

Giving your staff a little consideration

How caring do you have to be in respect of your domestic staff?

The easy answer is “not at all”, but, while this may be essentially true, the truth isn’t always what it seems.

If you show no care in regard to your housekeeper, cook, nanny, etc. don’t then be too surprised if they return the emotion by doing their work, fulfilling their contractual obligations, but nothing more.  If you don’t give a little, why should they?

Just because someone leaves on time, and doesn’t volunteer for additional duties, does not give you the right to discipline them.

A recent survey showed that a third of employees said they would consider leaving a job due to poor workplace wellbeing.

How much effort does it take to show a little consideration?  Not only is your employee likely to show the same consideration for you, but they are more likely to stay in your employment for longer. And that is a big bonus.

Many of us are well aware of the time it takes to acquaint a new employee with  particular work requirements.  A little consideration it seems can go a long way!