Golden Rules

These Golden Rules will ensure that your new
job conditions will be right for you.

  1. Will my tax and insurance be paid by my employer?
  2. What hours will I work?
  3. When will my days off be?
  4. What are the arrangements for public and paid holidays?
  5. Will I be able to take my annual holiday allowance all at once, for example, to visit family who are far away?
  6. Will I be paid for overtime – such as babysitting, working late or working at the weekend?
  7. If I need a visa to work in the UK, will my employer sponsor my application?
  8. What happens if I am sick or need time off work?
  9. Do I get breaks during the day for meals?
  10. If I am living-in, do I eat the same food as my employer and share their kitchen?
  11. Will I have to wear a uniform?

Some of these questions may only apply if you are  coming to work from outside of the EU.

These Golden Rules have been created to help you in your job choices. Also every month we publish a Newsletter bringing valuable advice to Domestic and Household job seekers.  Forward this to your friends/colleagues so they can request to be added to our subscriber list

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