Government Scraps It’s Fit For Work Scheme

Government Scraps It’s Fit For Work Scheme

The Government’s Fit for Work scheme which was aimed at streamlining the system of getting those off sick back to work has been scrapped. It was designed to replace the old system of Fit Notes and Sick Notes will cease at the end of March 2018 in England and at the end of May in Scotland.

The Government’s announcement is in response to its  Work, health and disability green paper consultation.

Since its launch in 2015, the Fit for Work service has had a low public profile and reportedly considerable scepticism among both GPs and employers about its use and usefulness.The Government now intend to examine legislation to extend Fit Note certification powers to other healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists, psychiatrists and senior nurses. Additionally, a new set of competences will be established for those who will complete those Fit Note.

Employers, employees and GPs will still be able to use the Fit for Work helpline, website and web chat facility, but the service’s key referral and return-to-work element will cease.

There are additional elements in the pipeline and as these and additional information come to light, we will keep you up-to-date.

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