Greater Protection For Pregnant Women

Greater Protection For Pregnant Women

Greater Protection For Pregnant Women.

When a pregnant woman or new parents return to work – as a member of domestic staff -they can receive a widely differing reception. “It’s good to see you back” to “Hmm the girl doing maternity cover did a much better job.” Whatever the reasons, thousands of women lose their jobs due to pregnancy or maternity every year in the UK.

The government’s Business Department has found that one in nine women were fired or made redundant when returning to work after having a child. Alternatively they were treated so badly they felt forced out.

A study by the department puts the annual total of women who lose their jobs for pregnancy or maternity reasons as high as 54,000.

Now the government is starting a consultation period on the proposal to extend legal protection against redundancy for pregnant women for six months after they return to work

This protection may also be extended to include men who return from either adoption or shared parental leave.

We will update you on the consultation result.


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