Harassment continues

Harassment continues

It used to be a bit of a joke – the British comedies about making overtures to the au-pair or nanny – but, in more recent times, such behaviour is deemed totally incorrect, a situation now accepted by almost everyone… OR IS IT?

A recent survey of over 3,000 women has shown that this form of sexism is far from dead.  In fact, half of those surveyed admitted that they had been subject to some form of sexual harassment at work. The types of harassment included sexist remarks and chauvinistic comments.

Out of those who claimed to have been subject to some form of harassment, 40% said that this included some kind of inappropriate touching.  Over 30% of the women subject to some form of harassment admitted that the issues resulting from sexual harassment had led them to consider leaving their job.

Many had also felt it necessary to change their style of dressing because of comments made to them and many did not know where to turn to for advice and or assistance.

We are sure that our clients would never stoop so low as to indulge in such inappropriate behaviour, but it’s still a sobering thought.