Helping Staff With Loss Trauma During This Pandemic

Helping Staff With Loss Trauma During This Pandemic

As the UK government has extended parental and other leave right for employees, another London-based company has gone one step further, which might point the way forward for other employers.

The move has been made by the digital-only bank Monzo which is now offering paid leave to all employee who experience  the loss of pregnancy or are undergoing fertility treatment.

It is a forward thinking move which takes into account the stress and reactions which are generated in these circumstances.  It is now the second London based organisation to tread this path, the first being Channel 4 very recently.

Such moves come as employers  are increasingly ware of the emotional and psychological stress already being generated by the Covid -19 pandemic and helping to mitigate additional effects on the mental health of staff.

Monzo’s policy, which was introduced two months ago and applies additionally  to surrogate mothers and partners, Monzo staff will be eligible for up to ten additional days of leave if they are affected by a stillbirth, miscarriage or abortion at any stage of a pregnancy.

Staff who are undergoing fertility treatments will also be able to take as many as eight days of paid leave a year, which can be taken flexibly.

The leave allowances go further than the UK government right which  requires parents to use their planned paternity or maternity leave if they suffer a stillbirth after 24 weeks.

These moves reinforce the effects which the pandemic has had on employers, and there is no reason why your own domestic and household staff will be exempt. Something to think about?


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