Holidays……No Thanks, Where Can I Go?

Holidays……No Thanks, Where Can I Go?

With all the pressure and confines the Covid 19 pandemic has created, it would be a surprise if you have given much thought to taking a holiday.

However, you are still  legally entitled to your holiday period, so how do you stand when holiday leave mounts up but you haven’t taken it?

Technically your boss can make you take your holidays, on certain dates for example, however, they have to give you notice  of this…. twice as much time as the period of leave to be taken

New regulations were introduced in March last year (2020) regarding holiday carry-over. As an employee you have a right to carry up to 20 statutory days of leave into the next two leave years where it is not “reasonably practicable” to take some, or all, of the holiday they are entitled to.  Your employer can still require  you to take some holiday, however.

If you take your annual leave while you are on furlough, you  must be  paid  at normal rate of pay, rather than the reduced furlough rate.

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