How To Advertise Housekeeping Jobs in London

How To Advertise Housekeeping Jobs in London

Be Clear About Your Expectations

At The Graham Agency, we have been matching household staff with homes for over thirty years and our attention to detail is what has allowed us to persevere in this industry. In that time, we have advertised thousands of household roles and helped screen applicants for interview, so it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about advertising housekeeping jobs in London.

First and foremost, it is important to be very detailed about the requirements of the role and your expectations for the applicants. It is ideal for applicants to know the specific aspects of the housekeeping role so that there are no surprises down the line or misunderstandings.

For example, what duties do you expect your housekeeper to provide? While they may care for the home and keep it clean and presentable, will you also require them to prepare meals, provide childcare or silver service?

When you come to us to advertise your housekeeping jobs in London, we will work with you to understand your specific requirements and expectations for the role, so we can present you with only the most suitable candidates.

Communicate Your Preferences

If you have a particular opinion on which cleaning products your housekeeper should use, or if you would prefer they use only natural cleaning products in your home, be clear about this from the beginning. You may wish to hire someone who has experience with using more natural products and knows the best way to use these effectively.

Likewise, if you have specific dietary requirements or preferences, it is important to be clear about this from the beginning so there are no misunderstandings or mistakes made in food preparation. Again, you may look to include this in your job description to hire someone with experience and knowledge for providing meals that are vegan, vegetarian, dairy free or meet religious requirements. You might also want someone with experience of preparing traditional meals from around the world.

Again, these details make the hiring process much smoother and ensure you find a housekeeper that meets your demands perfectly.

How Will The Graham Agency Help Me To Advertise Housekeeping Jobs in London?

When advertising housekeeping jobs in London, The Graham Agency will work with you to have a full understanding of your requirements for the role before advertising it on our website to our pool of applicants. We only take applications from people with at least two years of experience in a similar household.

We require all our applicants to confirm a confidentiality agreement to protect your privacy before the interview process.

From the applicants, we can create a shortlist of the most suitable candidates to interview and then present to you from which you can choose your final selection from to interview.

At The Graham Agency, our experience and knowledge means we are best placed to help you advertise your housekeeping jobs in London to find you the best candidates. We have built a strong reputation for providing excellent service and much of our work comes from the recommendation of both applicants and households who have used us to fill positions.

If you would like to advertise housekeeping jobs in London or would like to talk to us about assisting with hiring for any other household role, please don’t hesitate to get in contact and we will be happy to assist you.