How To Buck The Trend

How To Buck The Trend

Wages are squeezed and it looks like another five years of the same before earnings are even anywhere near 2008 levels, so how can you, as domestic or household staff buck the trend and keep money in your pocket?

It was Director of the Institute of Fiscal Studies, Paul Johnson who recently stated: “The squeeze on the big standards so far over the decade is historically unprecedented. What is remarkable is that it looks like we will have at least another five years before earnings are anywhere near what they were in 2008. That is wholly unprecedented, certainly the worst since the mid-nineteenth century and possibly before then.”

The answer is simple, when you are looking for a new job, look in the right place and that is The Graham Agency. Right the way through the wage squeeze we have ensured that wages paid to our job candidates keep up with rising cost.

If you want figures, come and talk to us. We have over 30 years’ experience of putting candidates in the right place!


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