I want my furloughed employee to return to work; she’s pregnant and resisting

I want my furloughed employee to return to work; she’s pregnant and resisting

Q I want my furloughed employee to return to work; she`s pregnant & resisting a return on the grounds that she could be putting her unborn child at risk. What do you advise?

Your obligation as the employer is to make the place of work safe i.e. social distancing. See the answer to question 1. If there is a risk of serious or imminent danger then you may need to alter their conditions of work or find an alternative activity for her. If you can comply with these conditions the employee has to return to work.
The exception could be that if the employee is four weeks or less from their due date then they could start their maternity leave early.
The employee has no right to be paid if they do not return to work, unless they have a reasonable belief that returning to work would put them in serious and imminent danger.


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