If I Am Made Redundant What Are My Rights?

If I Am Made Redundant What Are My Rights?

As a domestic/household employee you may face the possibility of being made redundant if your employer considers reducing staff levels or consolidating roles. So what are your rights if this were to actually happen?


The possibility has already been encountered by many people as new figures demonstrate from Acas, the conciliation service. It has seen a jump of 160% redundancy related calls in recent months compared with the same period in 2019.


The first action we would recommend is to open a discussion with your employer and see if you can assist in their finding an alternative, such as reducing your overtime, sharing a job with another employee, agreeing to transfer to other work.


However, if redundancies have to be made, legislation which came into force from 31st July 2020 means that qualifying

employees are now entitled to redundancy pay based on your ‘normal’ contractual salary, rather than the rate you may be

receiving on furlough.


To qualify for this you need to have more than two years’ continuous service.


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