Important information for domestic staff applicants

Important information for domestic staff applicants

Job offers for domestic staff in the Middle East may well appear romantic, and possibly well paid, but there are significant aspects which applicants need to take into consideration.

An Indian woman who worked for a homeowner in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was recently hospitalised after her employer allegedly cut off her arm when she complained.

She alleges this happened after complaining that she was not given sufficient food and had not been paid.  She also allegedly complained to police that she was being mistreated.

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Chronic labour exploitation also continues in Qatar alleges Amnesty International.

The organisation alleges that Qatar has failed to address rampant labour abuse and states that delays to labour reforms are a recipe for a human rights disaster.

The kafala sponsorship system currently restricts the rights of migrant workers to leave the country or to change jobs without the approval of their employers.  Limited changes came into operation in May 2014, but further reforms will not come into force until the end of 2016, says Amnesty International.

Late payment of wages, says Amnesty is another widespread problem.

Anyone contemplating working in these countries needs to be fully aware that conditions exist there which do not exist in the UK.