Ink Or No Ink ? The risk..

Ink Or No Ink ? The risk..

Summer holidays are over, and back at work as a member of domestic/household staff, you are proud of the new tattoo you had as a present to yourself…but how will it affect your employment opportunities?

Perhaps you think it won’t, after all they can’t fire you for having a tattoo can they? Well the answer is it all depends.

Let’s look at the legal status of tattoos:

Under UK law, workers have no protection under discrimination legislation for having a tattoo. This means that it could be easy to reject a job candidate for having a tattoo. Research commissioned by employment information and advice service ACAS revealed body art will make many employers think twice about hiring someone.

Employers may also be able to fire an employee for contravening a dress code, which requires employees to cover up visible tattoos.

However, if your employer does have a dress code, it should be sent to all staff with the conditions written into your contract of employment.

The only exceptions, it could be argued, would be in a case of religious markings under the 2010 Equality Act. But evidence would have to be provided and it would be very difficult to prove.

Additionally, if the tattoo was specifically to cover a disfigurement, this may also fall within protection. Think carefully before adopting the modern trend of tattoos is our best advice.

The Graham Agency, keeping you informed.